Survey: How Will the Home Sharing Ordinance Affect You?

Colorful homes along a city street


As many of you know, the sharing economy has been a blessing for some, and a challenge for others.

Thanks to advancements in technology, and the introduction of websites like AirBnB, Homeaway and VRBO, entrepreneurs have created rental opportunities that in some cases help households make ends meet, but in other instances create a more transient atmosphere in neighborhoods. Then there are others who are marketing multiple units and renting their living spaces as if they were hotels.

The popularity of home sharing has opened an important debate over the future of the City’s economy, neighborhoods and housing stock. As the City moves forward with crafting a policy on home sharing, I want to hear from you. As we define City code and look at imposing regulations to permit sharing of one’s primary residence with transient guests, establish an application fee and administrative fines for Home-Sharing, and direct Transient Occupancy Taxes derived from Home-Sharing to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, I want a stronger sense of how this might affect stakeholders in the 13th District.

I have created a survey on this topic, one for hosts and one for non hosts (or people who do not use a home sharing service to rent their unit). The survey will help to inform us of concerns from residents who rent and own, as well as those who share their homes.

Please share your thoughts with me so that I can help to craft policy for the City that will strike the needed balance that allows Los Angeles to adapt to a 21st century economy, while at the same time preserving the character of our neighborhoods. The deadline to respond is August 31.

Warm regards,

Mitch O'Farrell