Posted on 06/15/2020
City Hall

HOLLYWOOD - Following the momentous All Black Lives Matter march this past weekend, Los Angeles City Councilmember MItch O’Farrell on Monday announced that he will introduce a motion to start the process to dedicate a permanent space commemorating the protest, especially its cultural and historical significance.

“We had a once-in-a-generation moment this weekend in Hollywood as tens of thousands gathered for a peaceful demonstration on one of the most recognizable boulevards in America,” said Councilmember O’Farrell. “We now have a chance to memorialize the movement in a meaningful way. I look forward to working with BLAC (Black LGBTQIA Action Committee) and other community members on this project.”

On Saturday before Sunday’s solidarity march, hundreds of volunteers turned out on Hollywood Boulevard to temporarily install the words “ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER” between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive.  The image of the work went viral on social media, capturing world-wide attention. The artwork was a collaboration between members of BLAC and Hollywood-based entertainment marketing company, Trailer Park Group led by CEO Rick Eiserman.  Councilmember O’Farrell partnered with the group on the permits for the temporary installation.

The March, organized by BLAC, was an opportunity  for Los Angeles to stand alongside Transgender and Queer individuals in the Black community.

"I'm so honored to have collaborated with Rick and Trailer Park Group and Councilmember O'Farrell's office to install my design on Hollywood Blvd,” said Luckie Alexander, who collaborated on the design of the artwork installed this past Saturday. “The art piece spoke to the intersections of being black, sexual orientation, and gender identity that are included in this racial movement. It speaks volumes to the commitment our city has regarding inclusion and equity for the Black community, especially our queer and trans community of color.  As a black transman, our specific community has been continually overlooked and this gives me hope that we will continue to be heard here in Los Angeles. Hopefully we will also take the lead, as we always do, in creating that similar change across the country." 

"BLAC is centered on effective partnerships designed to bring visibility and action to the unique needs of Black LGBTQ+ communities. Efforts like this, designed by BLAC member, Luckie Alexander, and in collaboration with Councilmember O'Farrell's office, Trailer Park Group, and all other partners and individuals that came together to make this happen is true proof of collaboration. And for a new installation of some kind to live permanently becomes a symbol not just to the city, but to the world," said Gerald Garth and Brandon Anthony, co-founders of BLAC & lead organizers of the All Black Lives Matter march. 

“Trailer Park Group was honored to donate our time and resources to support All Black Lives Matter and the All Black Lives Matter protest march over the weekend, and we’re thrilled to inspire a permanent commemoration,” said Eiserman. “While the mural and march were temporary, the mission and message of love and equality is permanent. We're committed to permanent change and a permanent marker will be an incredible step in the right direction."

The motion will direct all relevant City departments, including but not limited to the Department of Cultural Affairs, Department of Transportation, and Streets LA, to work with community partners including BLAC, Hollywood stakeholders, and Council District 13’s HEART of Hollywood initiative, to conceive and report on options for permanent public art in Hollywood in commemoration of the “All Black Lives Matter” march.