Our Work to Reform the Small Lot Ordinance

Los Angeles City Hall

Since taking office I have been working with residents, architects, our planning department, and my colleagues to revise the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. This week we reached a milestone to accomplish this goal.

The Ordinance, originally adopted in 2004, was intended to make homeownership more available to Angelenos. The Ordinance has proven to be widely utilized with mixed results in our neighborhoods. We need to address the scale of the structures the Ordinance allows. My office has been diligently working on this issue and we are close to adopting guidelines to bring about the needed changes.

The revised Ordinance will also encourage the use of existing structures and preservation of valuable architecture, such as classic California Bungalow Courts. This approach will result in projects that are designed to be more sensitive to existing residential communities, and create incentives that actually encourage the preservation and enhancement of older homes that contribute to the unique character of our neighborhoods and make communities more livable.

I want to thank the Planning and Land Use Management Chair, Councilmember Jose Huizar, and the Committee for approving my initiative to reform the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, creating a set of enforceable Standards. The item will go to the City Attorney for review, and then back to Committee and the full City Council for a vote. You can read the Draft Ordinance here and the Standards and Guidelines here.

I’ll be sure to share any updates with you as they become available.

Kind regards,