Los Angeles City Council Shines Spotlight on Oscar Nominated Films Made in Hollywood

Made in Hollywood Honors 2019 Oscars


CITY HALL -  “A Star is Born,” “Vice,” “Incredibles 2,” “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” and “Spider-man, Into the Spider-verse” received the 8th Annual Made in Hollywood Honors (MIHH) by the Los Angeles City Council and six major entertainment organizations who partner in the recognition of Oscar® nominees that support production in Hollywood and throughout California.


Hosted by Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, the ceremony was held last Friday during a special City Council presentation. The MIHH program salutes films nominated for Academy Awards® for Best Picture or Best Animated Feature that are produced and filmed in California.  


“In the 13th District, and most likely anywhere in Los Angeles, you may have entertainment professionals living on your block,” said Councilmember O’Farrell, who represents Hollywood on the Los Angeles City Council, as well as sits on the committee responsible for legislative policy related to film and television production in the city. “The motion picture industry is the third largest employer in Los Angeles, counting for nearly 700,000 direct and indirect jobs in the area. This is our signature industry, and it’s important to take pride and root for our home grown productions as we watch the Oscars this Sunday!”


The event is in collaboration with Councilmember O’Farrell, SAG-AFTRA, the California Film Commission, Film L.A., Teamsters Local 399, the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund and the Producers Guild of America, together with MIHH partner and co-sponsor, 1600 VINE and its managing partner, Klein Financial Corporation.


Last year, the Motion Picture Industry Health and Pension Plans reported the greatest number of hours in their history - over 100 million hours - and its thanks to film production in our own backyard,” said Steve Dayan, Secretary/Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399. “We're really grateful and appreciative to all the communities who allow us to film in their neighborhoods. We live in those neighborhoods as well, and it's an honor to work in this city and have our members stay at home.”


MIHH was established in 2011, and since then, five of the honorees have gone on to win Oscars for Best Picture or Best Animated Feature: “The Artist,” “Argo,” “Frozen,” “Big Hero 6” and “Inside Out.”  In addition, each summer, the Made in Hollywood Honors recognizes Emmy-nominated television productions made in California.


The following people were on hand to receive the special City Council recognition on behalf of the studios and their films:

From A Star is Born

Warner Bros. Pictures

Rick Schuler, Location Manager                                        

From Vice

Annapurna Pictures

John Panzarella, Location Manager

Leslie Thorson, Location Manager

From Incredibles 2

Disney/Pixar Animated Studios

Sabine Koch-Sullivan, Production Manager

From Ralph Breaks the Internet

Walt Disney Animation Studios/Walt Disney Pictures

Clark Spencer, Producer

From Spider-man, Into the Spider-verse

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Josh Beveridge, Head of Animation