LA Council Votes to Improve Street Safety

Los Angeles City Hall

CITY HALL - In an effort to improve safety on our roadways, the Los Angeles City Council voted this week on an ordinance to reduce the speed limits on dozens of streets across the city, including several in the 13th Council District.

The Council action follows a report from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles Police Department which identified streets in the High Injury Network (HIN) -- which includes streets that have a higher incidence of severe and fatal collisions.

“This Council action will enhance the safety for all users on some of our busiest corridors in the 13th District, many of which are used by parents walking their children to school,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “I want to thank the Department of Transportation for its work to identify these critical areas across the city.”

These segments that experienced speed limit reduction include:

  • Alexandria Avenue between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue (from 30 to 25 mph)
  • Commonwealth Avenue between Beverly Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard (from 30 to 25 mph)
  • Coronado Street between Sunset Boulevard and Temple Street (from 30 to 25 mph)
  • Sunset Boulevard between Virgil Avenue and Crescent Heights Boulevard (from 35 to 30 mph)
  • Vermont Avenue between Hollywood Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard (from 35 to 30 mph)
  • Virgil Avenue between Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard (from 35 to 30 mph)

According to LADOT, speed is the most important factor when determining whether a person survives a car crash. The average person struck by a vehicle traveling 20 mph has a 90 percent chance of surviving, compared with 80 percent of people struck by a car traveling 40 mph are killed.

The new ordinance will go into effect in January.