Elysian Valley Dedicates Beautification Project

Riverside Drive Median Mitch O'Farrell Elysian Valley

ELYSIAN VALLEY - Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and local residents dedicated a landscaped median along Riverside Drive, an initiative of the Councilmember geared toward celebrating pride in the community.

During the event Thursday morning, the Councilmember and nearby residents gathered to finish the project area by spreading mulch.  The scope of the project included the removal and replacement of asphalt with  California-friendly plants and trees, as well as the installation of a new irrigation system on the median island.  The Councilmember’s office fully funded the improvements.

“When we can remove a layer of asphalt and do a greening project, we’re not just beautifying the community and taking pride where we live, we’re also reducing the heat island effect,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “The next phase of this project is to design and install a community marker to let motorists know they’re in Elysian Valley. This isn’t just a cut through to Dodger Stadium and downtown Los Angeles, this is a very special riverfront community that means a lot to this city.”


The project was 10 years in the making, and involved many in the the Elysian Valley community.  An earlier study on the project revealed that 10 million cars travel along Riverside Drive each year.

“The job is completed and we have a victory for the community,” said Ceci Dominguez, a long-time resident of Elysian Valley. “It’s great that we had so many people participating in this project. We take pride in what we’ve done, and we look forward to the next project!”

This project was a collaboration among community members in Elysian Valley and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC).

“We want to thank Councilmember O’Farrell for the opportunity to work on this very impressive and important median and greening project,” said Wendy Butts, Chief Executive Officer of LACC. “The determination to see this project through means the community gets to enjoy more green space near their homes, and the Corps members get to leave their mark on another street in the city.”

The next steps will include the design and installation of a placemaking community marker welcoming  everyone to Elysian Valley.