Elysian Valley Community Breaks Ground on Beautification Project

Mitch O'Farrell Elysian Valley Riverside Drive Beautification Project

ELYSIAN VALLEY - Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and the Elysian Valley community broke ground Wednesday on a long-awaited median project that will serve to beautify Riverside Drive.

O’Farrell and local residents kicked off the project at the corner of Gail Street and Riverside Drive, close to where the median is located.

“We are taking another step toward creating a greater identity for Elysian Valley,” said Councilmember O’Farrell. “Thousands of cars drive along Riverside Drive each day, and this project will instill a greater sense of pride in the neighborhood, raise the profile of this artisan community by the LA River, and reduce the heat island effect by removing pavement .”

The project will include the use of California-friendly trees and plants aimed at maximizing water conservation, as well as the installation of a new irrigation system on the median island.  In the coming months, O’Farrell will work with members of the community to design a monument sign that will be placed in the median.

This project came about through partnerships with community members in Elysian Valley and the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch.

“Now we will have a marker to show how proud we are of the community,” said Ceci Dominguez, a long  time resident. “We will have something that reflects the hard-working and multi-generational residents that call Elysian Valley their home. Our thanks to Councilmember O’Farrell!”

As part of the Adopt-A-Median program, O’Farrell worked with the Office of Community Beautification to obtain the required permits on behalf of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC) who will perform the required work.

The project will be funded through AB 1290 Fund which provides funding for redevelopment and community services.