Echo Park Community to Unveil Public Art Display at Farmers Market

Los Angeles

ECHO PARK -- Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, local artist Katrina Alexy, and the Echo Park community unveiled a new public art installation on Logan Street just south of Sunset Boulevard, a public-private art collaboration that will now serve as a model for other art displays around the City.

This colorful mosaic, located at the Echo Park Farmers Market, now brightens what was once a sterile concrete block wall, and serves as a celebration of healthy foods appropriately located at the nearby Echo Park Farmers Market location.

“We are not only raising awareness about the market and healthy, locally grown food, but we are also celebrating art and it’s significance in our communities,” said O’Farrell. “The mosaic that was created here will not only add to the vibrant scene, but during off-market days it will improve the look and feel of the neighborhood which is just steps away from the iconic Echo Park Lake.”

The display has been unfolding over the last several months. Councilmember O’Farrell championed  the artwork on behalf of long time resident Isa Kae Meksin, a huge believer in the importance of healthy food.  He  secured permits with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation , and received the necessary approvals from the Cultural Affairs Commission to make Isa’s dream a reality. 

Alexy donated her time and supplies to the project, and was often seen working along the wall between two city-owned parking lots, first cleaning the cement canvass, then carefully placing each ceramic  tile to form the forty-foot long mosaic. Alexy, an accomplished artist and teacher with nearly a dozen public displays to her credit, took a year off work to finish this project.

“I created this mosaic for the Echo Park community to celebrate fresh foods and a vibrant neighborhood,” said Alexy. “I am extremely grateful for the time to work on this project, and I think everyone needs to take a break and re-charge. Giving back to the community in such a meaningful way was so gratifying to me.”

The project is also ‘green’ in that it repurposes  ceramic tiles that were once slated for the landfill.

The new art display is an homage to the weekly farmers market and the legendary Echo Park resident, Isa Kae Meksin, whose drive and persistence helped bring this market to the 13th District.