Council Unanimously Approves Emergency Ordinance to Address No Fault Evictions

LA City Hall

CITY HALL - The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved an emergency ordinance to implement a temporary moratorium on “no-fault” evictions for rental units built prior to Jan. 1, 2005.

Starting January 1, and until 2030, the state will begin to regulate how much Californians’ rent can increase within a 12-month time period, limiting increases up to 5 percent, plus the local rate of inflation.  The new rule does not change the Rent Stabilization Ordinance as those units are still protected; the recently approved law applies to units built between 1979 and 2005. 

However, shortly after Governor Newsom signed the bill making this law,  the City’s Housing + Community Investment Department reported a spike in the number of calls from tenants facing sudden eviction notices. In addition, a prominent eviction attorney was on record advising property owners at a trade show to quickly issue no-fault eviction notices to tenants who pay low rents in advance of the new protections come January. 


“I want to thank my colleagues who voted unanimously to protect tenants by approving an emergency ordinance to stop no-fault evictions in Los Angeles. The affordable housing crisis we are witnessing requires urgent action, and I appreciate the City Attorney's quick turnaround on drafting language we approved today. As lawmakers we must do everything in our power to protect renters from some landlords who are trying to take advantage of a loophole in the calendar just to cash in on the backs of people who already struggle at the margins.” 


--Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, 13th District

The ordinance will now go to the Mayor to sign into law immediately.