City Council Approves Regulations for Home-Sharing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Hall

LOS ANGELES - The City Council on Tuesday approved regulations to permit sharing of one’s primary residence with transient guests, as well as establish an application fee and criteria for home-sharing, Councilmember MItch O’Farrell announced this week.

The popularity of home-sharing has opened an important debate over the future of the City’s economy, its residential neighborhoods, and the availability of housing for residents. The vote follows years of contention between property owners and housing advocates claiming that home-sharing has disrupted neighborhoods.

“A broad spectrum of Angelenos took the time to contact my office and provide input over the last several years, and I want to thank you for contributing to the conversation,” said O’Farrell. “Through this feedback, we were able to strike a balance that enables Los Angeles to adapt to a 21st century economy, while at the same time preserving the character of our neighborhoods. The policy is not perfect, but we have until July 1, 2019 to make adjustments and we will."

One of the concerns for Councilmember  O'Farrell is the unintended consequence of punishing primary residents who live in some of the cities oldest housing stock.  

"As someone who lived the real life struggle of making ends meet as a newcomer to Hollywood, I want to make sure we are not banning a use in the city’s oldest housing stock, which makes up most of the shared housing in my district,” said O’Farrell.

The City Council created regulations to permit sharing of one’s primary residence with transient guests, as well as established an owner application fee and criteria for home-sharing.

Here are some key highlights of the vote, which go into effect in July 2019:


  • Hosts must register with the City Planning Department and pay a fee of $89 each year.

  • Renters are not able to home share without prior written approval of their landlord.

  • Hosts may not register for (or operate) more than one home-sharing rental unit at a time in the city.

  • Hosts cannot home-share for more then 120 days in a calendar year, unless they have registered with the city for “extended home sharing.”

Rent Stabilized units will be banned from being listed on home sharing sites, however O’Farrell introduced a motion that will look at a pilot program allowing primary residents in RSO units to participate in home sharing in the 13th District. That motion is pending in the Planning and Land Use Management Committee.


Rules and guidelines for second homes or investment property are still under consideration.