Atwater Village Celebrates Opening of New Skate Park

Chevy Chase Recreation Center Skate Park

ATWATER VILLAGE - Local skateboarders are now able to perfect their kickflips, ollies, and rail slides thanks to a brand new skate park that officially opened Saturday morning at Chevy Chase Recreation Center.

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, in partnership with the Department of Recreation and Parks and a couple hundred local residentsm cut the ribbon on the 10,500-square foot facility that includes skate features such as hubbards, stairs, banks, and other transitional elements. 

“Life-long Atwater Village resident Gerardo Rivera came to my office two years ago with a vision for Chevy Chase Recreation Center, and thanks to a spirit of collaboration within the community, we’re seeing his idea come to life,” said Councilmember O’Farrell. “I want to thank the Department of Recreation and Parks, our local Community Park Advisory Board, and nearby skating enthusiasts who took the time over several months to share their thoughts on what the design should look like. Atwater Village should be very proud of this amenity, and the work we did together to make things come together so quickly.”

The new skate park is part of a larger set of improvements that include: new irrigation; 13 newly-planted trees within the park; and new sidewalks with additional trees and security lighting around the perimeter of the facility.

“The addition of the Skate Park to the Chevy Chase Recreation Center will greatly benefit the local skateboarding community and encourage seasoned skaters to share tricks of the trade with those who are new to the sport in a safe environment,” said Department of Recreation and Parks General Manager, Mike Shull.  “This is our 29th skate park -- and with another skate park in the works in the 13th District, we are being proactive about the welfare of not only skaters and BMXers, but also by improving the city infrastructure as well.”

The process to begin planning a new skate park began when North Atwater Village resident Gerardo Rivera came to Councilmember O’Farrell with the idea to build an amenity for young skaters in the neighborhood. He started a petition and gathered dozens of signatures in support of the project.

“The skate park will help keep children off the streets, or from engaging in delinquency, gangs or drugs, therefore creating safer environments for the community as a whole,” said Rivera. “Skateboarding saved me during my youth and kept me out of trouble. I want to help others in the same way.”